Entries by Karla K. Chamberlain

The Carol of the Drum

Merry Christmas!  I hope that those within the reach of my voice feel safe and loved this Holiday Season. It’s a wonderful time of year to re-connect with all we hold dear. Last night our family celebrated the holiday in our usual way, very simple and quiet, with a reading of the first Christmas, followed […]

Hear This! Feelings Are God Given!

Feelings.  I really like working with feelings. People often ask me what I actually do in session.  “What do you DO? What do you TELL people?”  “Hmmm…Must be nice getting paid for sitting around asking people how they feel.”  Well okay.  To be fair, I do, in fact, ask people how they feel, but that’s […]

Choose Your Life!

A week ago Sunday  Elder Oaks came and spoke to the youth of ours and several other nearby stakes. He was accompanied by his wife and two other general authorities, Elder Randall and Elder Ringwood, along with their wives.  The meeting was outstanding and the feeling in the room was special.  The program was set […]